HCFS provides monitoring services for both fire and security systems.  We can provide email as well as text notification. Optional wireless communication to the central station eliminates the need for phone lines. We can provide detail reporting such as Open/Closing reports via e-mail as well as two way voice. Two way voice allows the central station operator to communicate with the customer directly through the alarm panel.


Central Station


Our central station has the following certifications:  IQ Certfied Central Station (one of the first nationally); UL-certified Facility (Underwriters Laboratory); UL-certified Operators; SIA Certified Operators (Security Industry Association); SIA Central Station Trained Instructors; APCO Certified Operators; FARA, MDFAA and Federal UL 2050 Monitoring



Internet/Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator


As Cellular Radio and Internet moves into the fire protection industry, the need for phones to monitor fire alarm control panels is no longer necessary.  The IPGSM-4G panel communicates via the Internet, GSM Radio, and SMS.  The triple communications eliminate the need for telephone lines and thereby lowering the cost monitoring costs.


Total Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator


A True Phone/Data Line Replacement

The StarLink Fire Communicators are a universal full event, sole path, cellular commercial fire alarm communicator.  They can report from any panel brand, virtually anywhere; and are  available in your choice of cellular networks: Verizon Network Certified CDMA or GSM 3/4G on AT&T



NFPA 72 Editions: 2013, 2010, 2007; UL 864, 9th Ed., UL1610, UL985, UL1023; CSFM; NYCFD (backup).


Fire Alarm Communicator